About PortfolioFit Advisors

PortfolioFit Advisors( PFA) is an advisory firm specializing in the construction of multi-manager portfolios in the highly liquid futures and FX space. As our name implies, we create portfolios that are designed to meet the specific objectives of our clients. Whether you are an Institutional Investor looking to create a customized CTA portfolio or whether you are a family office looking to allocate to the emerging FX space, please contact PFA to find out how we can help.

Our Philospohy

A key element of our investment philosophy is the use of managed accounts instead of funds as the underlying portfolio holdings, an approach that maintains client control of investment assets, provides full transparency to manager subportfolios, and allows for highly efficient use of capital through notionalization. We are also focused on finding emerging manager talent, as we believe these managers often provide the best investment opportunities, as well as enhance the ability to create highly diversified portfolios.

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